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Good day, UV. fans of the old but exciting game Mu Online.
We are pleased to inform you that after difficult and long days and nights, we can finally announce the test period.
We will announce the official opening a little later!
You will find a unique server season 3 on the base 6 of the season, this will get good quality and most importantly unique, sevrer.

Description of the unique reset system - Click here!
Description of the unique Grand reset system - Click here!


Got good bonuses at the start:

[Promotion] Bonuses to clans - Click here!
[Promotion] Mailing list in Skype. Prizes all participants - Click here!
[Promotion] Repost in Vkontakte - Inform all your friends - Click here!
[Promotion] Worthy to be the first - Click here!
[Promotion] tell Us about us - Click here!

The main characteristics of the server:

  • The resulting X150 (Dynamic Exp по GrandReset)!
  • Drop: 20%
  • Chronicles Of The Server: Season 3 Favorite Remake (meaning that the server is partially changed by us and for us programmers who worked on it);
  • Maximum level: 400;
  • Maximum reset: 50;
  • Grand reset with 50 reset;
  • Maximum Grand reset: 50;
  • Maximum stats: 32767;
  • Level to create a Guild: 300;
  • The level for activation of the MU Helper: 10;
  • Help NPC Buffer: up to 300 level, 5 resets, given for 1 hours;
  • Game commands: / ene /agi /str /vit / cmd and others;
  • Reliable protection from all sorts of cheats and dupe;
  • Bonuses through voting for the server;
  • Unique referral system with nice bonuses!
  • Unique balanced spots in all locations!
  • Unique in-game Quest System;
  • Now you can enjoy the game in Full HD!
  • Convenient game panel in the game with a wide range of services!
  • High-quality Assembly and protection from third-party software!
  • Server uptime: 24/7;
  • Reducing the load % on CPU!
  • 8 new stones with unique properties!
  • In-game trading system!
  • Unique Auto Party & Party Leader systems!
  • Reconnect the system. Re-entry into the party after the release or disconnection;
  • Unique Offline pumping;
  • Premium system of 3 types;
  • The unique system of domestic economy;
  • 3D Camera;
  • Game clock;
  • New HP bars for monsters and players;
  • The Bank of stones (JewelBank) for the storage and exchange of stones;
  • Sharpening Jewel of Soul-55%;
  • Sharpening Jewel of Life-60%;
  • Luck increases the sharpening of Jewel of Soul 25%;
  • New unique locations;
  • New unique monsters and bosses;
  • In Arkania Non PK.


  • Blood Castle
  • Devil's Square
  • Golden Dragon Invasion
  • Skeleton Invasion
  • White Mage Invasion
  • Chaos Castle
  • Castle Siege
  • Kantru ( Maya & Nightmare Event )
  • Crywolf
  • Refuge
  • Raklion
  • Happy Hour
  • TvT Battle Event
  • Search Event
  • Cherry Blossom Event
  • Teleport Shop Event
  • Drop Event
  • Illusion Temple Event
  • Golden Archer Event

Why us?

Responsive administration, listen to the opinions of players.
At the moment, one of the most unique and interesting servers.
Unique game world. In which you will not have to miss.
High stability, protection against hacks, DDoS and cheats.
Constant innovations in the game and on the site
Experienced development team.

Posted 12 / 01 / 2019
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